Your most ridiculous purchase?

Do you know what your most ridiculous purchase is?

I consider myself a VERY practical person and generally don't spend money on completely frivolous things....

Except for this one thing LOL

I purchased last year a Smiirl Social Media Counter for Facebook.

Do you know what these are? Do you know what they do?

It is a real-time Facebook Likes tracker. When someone LIKES my page the number goes up (same thing when it goes down too, boo). It connects through wifi to your Page and shows you the numbers! It is set on flip cards that spin a full turn to get to the next number. Lol... that's about it... it really has no purpose except to make me obsess more over the numbers (first world problems, am I right?).

Well this little doodad is crazy expensive... like you wouldn't even think it costs this much... but it does, and I got sucked in and bought one.

I'm not gonna lie... It is kind of fun, but reminds me each day of the one time I spent money on something really useless ha ha ha.

Now please tell me that you have done the same thing??? That at some point in your life you spent a lot of money on something silly????

Do tell, I can't wait to hear about it.