When your session doesn't go smoothly

newborn girl 11 days old sweet smile

Each baby is so unique!

Some babies love to be wrapped while others are fine being naked. Some can sleep through anything and others are disturbed by the slightest touch. Some want to eat very frequently and others can go long stretches without.

Whichever way your baby is, they are perfect just the way they are!

Sometimes sessions don't go quickly and smoothly.

This is actually the case more often, than not.

Baby may be wide awake for long stretches of time or they might seem asleep but they continue to squirm and wiggle out of every single pose. Even when so much time has passed and a single photo hasn't yet been taken doesn't mean the session is a disaster. It just means I haven't yet found your babies 'sweet spot'. More often than not, it is wrapped up snug and cozy.

This is why a full newborn session often takes around 3 hours. So much of this time is spent waiting (for sleep, or feeding) and trying new things.

Whatever the case with your little one, I make sure they are happy and I keep trying until I find a pose they are comfortable with and I get my shots.

With a full newborn session your proof gallery will have a minimum of 45 images to choose from. For a mini session there will be a minimum of 25 proofs. This gives you plenty of gorgeous images to make your selections. You can also purchase additional images or even the full gallery if you'd like.

Capturing precious photos like this one is my goal and sometimes all it takes is just a little extra time and patience!