Walls and a Roof (Construction Week #10)

All the second floor framing was completed this week. Here is your first look at our space.

We will have 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and all the closets! We decided not to add any bonus areas on the second floor as we already have SO MUCH space. Also I wanted the upstairs just to be for sleeping.

After living in an 'open concept' modified bi-level I am so over the noise levels. Our vaulted ceilings and zero hallways was just too much for my love of quiet lol. Our new home will allow us to host parties and gatherings late into the night without disturbing our sleeping kids (too much ;).

Once those walls were framed they dove right into putting up the roof trusses. This all happened so fast and was a really exciting week at The BESKAR build (that is what we named our home). Check out Week 2 for an explanation of the name!

This is my oldest daughter Hailey. She is usually at home babysitting the other kids while I go on site to do my videos and take pictures. This day she came with me. There is still a battle on for who gets the front bedroom. Any great ideas about how to decide who goes where?

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