These Walls have Got Me Plumb Excited (Construction Week #7)

I know, I know... a big groan from the Dad joke haters but I have to say it. I think that cheesy, quick-wit is quite entertaining! My husband has that trait and it makes me laugh.

If you didn't already guess from the title, we had more walls go up. That included the garage walls, some main floor interior walls and the basement plumbing was installed.

I don't know much about plumbing except that I'm super grateful for it lol. I would've never survived in the victorian era! They dug a trench and put some pipes in it and now there are pipes sticking out of it LOL.... Yay for plumbing.

Below you will see the first floor interior walls, separating the kitchen, my studio and the mudroom. This space will include a walk-through pantry, a 2 piece bathroom with access to the house as well as my studio. We will have a wall of 5 cubbies for each of our coats and accessories and another sit down 'control centre' space by the Kitchen, for the phone and calendar... you know all that Mom 'organizing the families schedule' stuff.

Here is our triple garage framed in. A double on the entry side for both our vehicles and the extra single on the right for Ian's boat, tools, kids bikes and all that outdoor stuff.

We quickly learned that taking our kids with us on-site was just a big hazard and pain in the butt. Hailey our oldest was lucky to tag along with me on this visit. She is far more responsible than the 5 year old. We also both took turns wearing the awesome pink hard hat Ian got for me. Cause nothing makes construction more fun than pink safety gear!

I am almost caught up to real time blogging again. The kids are back in school, well almost all of them. My kindergartener has a REALLY SLOW staggered start which is driving me bonkers. Nothing makes you want to get away from your children more than 7 months locked in the same house with them. I'm hoping October gives me a little sanity back.

Thanks for joining in on this Isackson Adventure!

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