The blog is BACK babies!

After an 18 month hiatus I am back to regular blogging....

I know, I know... you just can't contain your joy ;)

Me either!

There is no point in trying to catch up on what was missed so moving forward I will blog new cuteness.

But first.... a few favs' from 2019!!!!

This juicy sitter who is already SO much bigger... I just can't with this chubby stage. 4 months to 8 months is just so FUN!

These milk baths... Oh my word.... Should I bring them back for next summer? No? Yes? Definitely!!!!!!

Greenhouse Sessions are my TOP favourite place to shoot...... can't wait for March to start shooting them again!

Adding Fresh 48's.... best decision EVER!

I can't get enough of my 2019 Rainbow Babies <3

and this... the BEST smile of the entire year goes to this happy gal!

And SO many other perfect little babies.

I just love this thing I do!

2020 is going to be epic.... Come join me on the adventure of building a new studio!