We've Got a Walk-Out (Construction Week #4)

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This past week they built our first wall!!!!

The back walk-0ut wall was framed, along with the marvellous windows for our basement. I am THILLED about all the LIGHT we will have in our new home. With the winter season being SO long here, I get desperate for my vitamin D ;) Having lots of natural light coming in (even with all the snow) will make such a difference for all of us. Who doesn't love the feeling of sun on their face?

We travelled to Saskatoon this week to meet with Majestic Cabinets to work on our kitchen and cabinetry plans. They are all coming along so nicely.... It is going to look amazing. I'm most excited about Ian's stunning office wall as well as our custom designed master vanities and the kitchen island. These are the colours we selected.

Door hardware isn't finalized but I'm loving the antique gold handle above!

Another stop on our summer travels was Edmonton at Stone Concept to select our exterior stone. We settled on this gorgeous Almond White - Kenya collection by Rinox.

Here is a sample image from their catalogue of a home install.

We narrowed down our final 5 stucco choices and will be getting a larger stucco sample in those colours to make our final choice. This so far has been the hardest colour selection.

Here are a few videos of the current progress:

Next week will be adding the floor joists and sheeting on the main floor.

Stay tuned!!! See Week #5 Here!