Cement and Pumper Truck (Construction Week #3)

If you are just joining in, make sure you jump back to the start for the WEEK #1 Post.

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So, week #3 was all about the foundation. The ICF was completed and cement poured. We made sure to head out and watch the cement and pumper truck do their thing.

If you have kids that love construction trucks it's pretty cool to see in person. We have these incredible children's story books by Sherri Duskey Rinker. They are legit so fun to read and explain all about construction machinery in a fun rhyming way. I used to call everything a 'digger' lol... Now I know about excavators, front-end loaders, flat-bed trucks, skid-steers and more! Check them out below, you will LOVE them and so will your kids. One of the few bedtime books I never tire of reading.

This coming month is going to be super exciting.... THE FLOORS AND WALLS ARE STARTING TO GO UP! It will probably happen pretty quick and I'll try to swing by to get some awesome videos of the crew at work. Now it is pretty much a race against the clock as they try to finish all outside work before the snow falls. In Canada there is no guarantee and it could come as soon as September (we sure hope not). The longer it stays warm the better so we don't have to finish the exterior in the spring.

This week we narrowed down some stucco colours and will go take a look at stone. Hubby and I are having a difference of opinion on what 'white' means lol. I'm open to compromise on the exterior colour but the interior colour may be a full showdown ;)

We also have a design meeting with Majestic Cabinets, to go through some more details of what we want in the Kitchen. This area of the house has proven to be the most challenging. I know it is going to be amazing though and can't wait to show you.

I know following along on someone else's adventure isn't as exciting as if it was your own, but I'm thrilled to have you here! I will be looking for YOUR help in the coming months with LOTS of decisions. Hang around and place your votes.. Thank you for coming on this journey with us!

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