A Strong Foundation (Construction Week #2)

“The Beskar”

You patiently waited and here is the answer...

Beskar is a precious metal in the series "The Mandalorian". It is a highly sought after steel that had a really high tolerance to heat and impact. A lightsaber couldn't damage it. It was invaluable and thought of as 'the best' (gee this really sounds super nerdy lol).

Anywho, we thought it was fitting for our dream home and for us!

There is so much more to this house, than just a name. We can't wait to share it all with you.

Week 2 is completed and with that we saw the rise of the ICF forms...

and quite a rise it is! Our house being a 2 story walk out, will be quite high, so it's going to look a little wonky until the garage and frontage is complete.

Of course the weather isn't cooperating. It was super windy for days and they had to brace the forms so it all wouldn't blow away. Still waiting for the possibility of rain in the forecast to change so the concrete can be poured inside. Our youngest Benjamin (5 years) is eagerly anticipating the cement and pumper trucks arrival so we can go watch the crew work.

I compiled the first Build VLOG here so check it out for some extra footage!

You can read about WEEK ONE here if you missed it!

Keep following along each week as I blog the build of ‘The Beskar’

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