Stairway to Heaven (Construction Week #12)

Windows and doors are being installed and it has already made such a difference with the wind. This location is quite windy as it comes straight through, from the lake and the farmers fields. As this area of the city develops it shouldn't be as bad but it will probably mean we close off part of our deck to make a 3-season room to block the wind. That will be a future project though. We have enough going on for now to keep us busy... and to empty our bank account lol.

The doors aren't yet painted or stained. That will happen down the road. For now we just wanted them up, to be able to close the house and lock it up. We have had problems with local teens trespassing and hanging out in our house. Not cool kids... not cool!

They also started work on the interior stairs and the exterior stairs were poured. I love not having to use ladders anymore so my kids can explore a little safer and I won't fall and die... at least not off a ladder now!

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