My Toes are Gonna be So Toasty! (Construction Week #8)

We didn't gain any extra height this past week on our second floor but we did get some in-floor heating installed and thats a win!

They moved all that sand into the garage and levelled it out, installed a few drains and the floor heat.

The garage is all set up and ready for the cement pour. Our current house has a gas heater in the garage. We hope the floor heating is enough to keep the temperature where we like it. Once you live with a heated garage in Canada, you can never go back lol.

The basement is our only other location for floor heat. Every home I've ever lived in, the basement was always so cold. This will really help keep it warm, along with the ICF walls.

Last item from this week was getting the forms ready for the retaining walls on the sides of the walk out. These will be under our deck. The right side is taller as that is where our hot tub will go and we will add a privacy screen above it. The left is where our spiral staircase will come off the upper deck to the yard.

It was raining and muddy when I last visited and it was sad to see everything all soaking wet. Time to get this beast enclosed to keep it dry!

We are still deciding on the stucco colour (everything looks yellow to me) and the shingles I think we have decided to just go with black. Time is running out on those as they need to get put on the house. We will likely need to heat the exterior for install if temperatures freeze overnight.

The steps up to my studio are going to be quite high... 7 or 8 steps but it won't seem so high after the retaining wall goes in beside the walkway. Some grading work still needs to happen also.

But the best part of this week is this awesome bathtub I selected for our master ensuite!

I'm pretty sure I'm never going to leave my bedroom ;)

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