Moms, this is for you!

Take a moment to think about the last time you were in front of the camera, instead of behind it (and selfies don't count lol).

It has been a long time hasn't it? A year? 2 years? Or even more? As Moms, we find ourselves the sole person responsible for documenting our children's lives. We photograph them talking, walking, playing in the bath and jumping on the bed. You have captured their childhood. Great job! I think you are doing awesome! It is so important to have those memories to look back on but something is missing, isn't it?

That something is YOU! You are such a huge part of your children's lives. You are their Mom, their everything. We are so focused on them and so worried about how we look, that we leave ourselves out of the memories.

This doesn't have to be the case.

I hear you 100% cause I am in the exact same boat. The only photos I'm in, with my kids, are the selfies we take together and the professional portraits we book every 2 years with another photographer. I wish I had more. More of the everyday moments. More of the interactions and playing. More of the loving. My kids are already so big and I can't go back and capture what I missed. Oh how I wish I could, but I can make a greater effort now, to be seen in their photos. To show that their Mom was right beside them, through it all.

I may not be able to photograph myself, but I can capture you and your little ones together this Mother's Day.

These fun, relaxed lifestyle sessions will be filled with cuddles, tickles and peek a boo. You get to play, while I capture you Mama's, loving on your tiny humans. The best part is that you can select video footage of your session. This footage will be compiled together with your final images into a beautiful video keepsake. Something you will treasure always.

If you are interested in booking a Motherhood session you can take a look at the information here. I would be honoured to document you, with your children.