Moms Supporting Moms

I'm pretty convinced that being a Mom is THE hardest job in the world!

I remember back to those joyfully ignorant days. The ones before I got pregnant, where I knew EXACTLY how everything was going to go. Do you remember that???

I was going to be such a FUN Mom! I would be so patient and understanding and LOVE spending time with my kiddos. They were going to be SO well behaved and obedient and just chill and easy going....

LOL.... this literally makes me laugh out loud!

I'm now 11 years in and 3 kids deep... and I mean DEEP. I have no idea how Mother's with more than 3 children survive (you are my heros).

Mothering became a pretty quick life lesson for me when the challenges began in my 6th week of my first pregnancy. I was in Hawaii on vacation and I became sick. I mean SICK!

I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum!

If you don't know what it is you can look it up here:

It was BAD! I wasn't even close to some of the more severe cases but enduring months of what feels like extreme food poisoning will leave you praying for death and I'm not joking about that. This occurred before most people had ever heard of HG (I sure hadn't) and before Kate Middleton had it. No one believed how sick I was and the 'just suck it up' treatment I got from those around me was a crushing blow. Like if I just got out of bed and went for a walk that I would suddenly feel better.

It was a pretty traumatic start and the challenges didn't end there, but this is getting deeper than I intended it to....

I wanted to connect with you, my fellow Mom's. To let you know that I GET IT! I get how exhausting years of night wake ups are. How challenging breastfeeding and bottle feeding can be. I understand when you just can't take one more tantrum over how you cut their bread or how you picked the wrong book.... or having to pin their little head between your elbow and chest so you can be a "good" Mom and brush their teeth twice a day.

To you Mom's that are in the midst of the diapers, night feedings, terrible two's and teething I want you to know that I SEE you. I KNOW how hard it is and I know you WILL get through it... Cause YOU are STRONG and you love those babies SO fiercely. You do it ALL! Everyday... over and over again because nothing is more important to you than your tiny humans.

Sometimes in the midst of the challenges it can be so hard to remember how that love feels. That "burst from your chest" feeling when you rock your sleeping baby in your arms. When the love is so strong it hurts and the tears fall from your eyes.

This Mother's Day I am capturing "a mother's love". We so rarely get behind the camera. We may have never even seen what that feeling looks like in our faces! We are always the ones taking the pictures. This year be IN the pictures! See how loving your babies looks on you. I think you will be surprised by the light that shines in your eyes.

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Hang in there Mama's and don't give up! It does get easier as they get older and you WILL sleep again, I promise.

xo Jen