It is HUUUUUUUUUGE!(Construction Week #9)

I know, I know.... ALL of my blog posts have been about our house build lol. I had NO idea how busy building a house would be. I feel like I only have time to do my business basics. So much of my 'extra time' is spent in construction meetings and selecting one of the thousands of things required to build our custom home (and by 'extra time' I mean even less than normal, with kids home wayyyyy more often than normal).

So bare with me as I share each week. I want to have a record of building our forever home, to look back on and remember. 'Cause, I'm a photographer and memory keeping is my thang!

So week nine we saw the cement poured for the basement and garage AND the second floor exterior walls went up. That was super cool!

Here is the cement photos with in floor heating installed underneath.

The second floor addition was by far my favourite thing to see. Each day we visited was a new adventure with more walls in place.

BUT, photos just don't do it justice so go check out the vlog to see the walk throughs on my YouTube Channel

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Week #10 is next

Catch you soon!