I've got skills.... Photoshop Skills!

Photography is full of creativity! Not just in camera when capturing these precious images but also on the post production side in Photoshop.

Often the editing is what sets apart the professionals from the beginners. That isn't a bad thing either because everyone, at some point, is a beginner. Photoshop offers endless possibilities and I still feel like I have hardly scratched the surface in my 6 years of studying and learning image editing.

If you are new to photography and want to learn more about photoshop, there are endless tutorials and instruction opportunities available online. Most of them are even free (thanks YouTube). Lots of my favourite tutorials are from Phlearn.com so check out Aaron Nace cause he has MAD SKILLS!

I can't begin to compare to Aaron but check out my video below to see how this image was edited (albeit in very fast speed).

Each image edit varies so much in how long it takes to complete depending on the skin of the model and also if it is a composite (2 or more images combined together like my Froggy pose requires).

This image is SOOC (straight out of camera) with no edits

Video Edit in Photoshop

This particular edit took me 20 minutes in real time but I also have a SNAIL computer and one day I'm gonna smash it on the pavement!

If you are looking into starting with Photoshop make sure your computer has A LOT of space and RAM to be able to process all the different tasks.

And here is the final image!

newborn boy chin on hands pose

If you are starting out in your newborn photography journey and would like to learn more about photoshop and editing it is part of my 1:1 mentoring sessions. If you're interested in mentoring with me at my homestudio in Lloydminster AB Canada you can visit www.jenisackson.com/mentoring