Hello Sunset! (Construction Week #6)

I've been visiting the site a lot at sunset and it has been so beautiful. It makes me a little emotional as I reflect on all there is to be grateful for. 2020 has been so difficult! Not just for me, but for the whole world. It is easy to get lost in all the fear but I hold onto hope for a brighter 2021. I take joy in the sunset, excitement in our new home and studio and CHOOSE faith, over fear! I hope you can find something today to be grateful for and hold onto that joy.

They made a lot of progress this past week as they finished the 1st floor sheeting, poured/installed the piles for the back deck/garage as well as poured the garage foundation AND they started framing the exterior walls on the first floor.

Phew... big week!

Check it out...

The wall framing is by FAR the most exciting! The house is really taking shape and it is incredible to see our custom design come to life. Working with Travis at Keen Developments has been a great experience. I highly recommend him for your building needs!

The first walls up were my studio, kitchen and living room. The big windows are my favourite part of our new home. Ian (hubby) and I really want to have lots of natural light coming in and also to enjoy the view behind us.

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