He is changing so fast.. but you WILL remember this moment forever

His tiny fists, that little hair curl and his adorable little nose.

He will never be this little again.

Every day he grows and changes.

In just 4 weeks he will be so different, but you will remember!

This photo will remind you of the clenched fingers he wouldn’t relax and how he wouldn’t keep is head straight but always turned to one side or the other.

Photographs ARE memories.

They fill in the blanks when our minds become filled with new memories.

You will never regret capturing these moments.

You will treasure these as your most valuable possessions.

I don't say this as a business owner, but as a Mother!

My baby just turned 5 years old. It has been a VERY challenging 5 years!

I spent that time so exhausted and frustrated. I did not enjoy the constant snuggles and nursing. I didn't treasure the numerous night wake ups that still continue to this day.

It was so hard.... and I wished it all away.

... and that makes me so sad.

Sad I didn't bask in his sweet smell.

Sad I didn't stop and see all the 'lasts' I was experiencing.

Sad I didn't love more and get angry less.

All I have left are treasured photographs of this little boy that melted my heart into a puddle. I am SO thankful that I knew how important it was to find someone to capture these memories for me, cause even though that time in my life was so hard.... it was also so beautiful... and I remember.

*my sons incredible images were captured by the talented UrbanAlli Photography

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