Build it UP Baby! (Construction Week #5)

The floor joists have gone in for the first floor!

Framing continues as our house climbs higher. This month is going to show the biggest changes as each level gets built up. This is a 2 story walk-out so from the front you will see the main floor and second level but at the back it will look like 3 floors. I don't think we will ever again have a problem with space lol.

As the floor joists were being installed we were busy selecting options for our exterior. You saw in my last post the Rinox Kenya-Almond White we chose. We needed the stone to help select the stucco colour. Here are the options we narrowed it down to...

Numbered from left to right top (1-4) and then bottom row (5-7)

1. Ballet White OC-9

2. Albescent OC-40

3. Seapearl OC-19

4. Classic Gray OC-23

(bottom row)

5. Winds Breath OC-24

6. White Dove OC-17

7. Muslin OC-12

These are all from the Benjamin Moore paint line if you are looking to match to the code.

We put them beside the stone sample pieces along with our black window trim and the Lux aluminum wood cladding in Espresso to compare. Let me know which one you like best in the comments!

We are kind of lost with this selection as it will be such a large part of our exterior and we really don't want to get it wrong.

Stay tuned to see which ones make the next cut!


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