2020 kicked off with the CUTEST smirk!

Can you even handle this adorable little smirk?

newborn 9 day old baby boy with BEST smirk

Kason | 9 day old newborn

He was fairly chill and patient with me as I continued to unclench his little fingers and put them back on his cheeks. I think he was teasing me with this smile cause it took so many attempts to get it right!

This pose, in the newborn photography world, is called the 'froggy pose'. It is one of the most challenging poses to master and requires an assistant to help as it is actually 2 separate images merged together.

froggy pose composite straight out of camera (SOOC) images

This pose is not possible (at least safely) to do without Babys weight being supported at all times. Let me show you how these images come together with this editing video from a previous session.

I put it in x10 speed so you didn't have to watch 30 minutes of video lol. I hope you enjoyed watching the *magic* of my behind the scenes editing :) Pin, Follow, Like, Subscribe to see more from Jen Isackson Photography.

Parents or photographers post any questions below and I'll be sure to answer them!