Personal Branding

with Jen Isackson Photography


Does your social media/blog/website represent your brand?

Do you look at it and see a cohesive blend of images, products and YOU?

Would a customer, at first glance want to follow you and your style?

Can they see the real you and relate?

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions you could benefit

from a branding session with Jen Isackson Photography!

Personal branding is NEW here at Jen Isackson Photography for 2021. 


Through my own business I have realized the importance of getting in front of the camera and just like you, it isn't something I can do for myself!

Whether you have followers, clients or customers, they want to see YOU, the woman behind the business.  Your personal branding session will be unique to you and your business.  It might take place in your home, your office, a studio, outdoors or in a public space.  Wherever your job is, that is where we will go.

Currently my personal branding sessions are only open to Female Entrepreneurs!  Now that might sound kind of sexist but let me explain my reasoning to you...

We women work HARD!  Any woman that can raise babies and run a business is a Rock Star and I want to celebrate that.  It doesn't mean you guys don't also rock, but I am not able to take on very many branding sessions a month, along with my client work.  So for now I'm on Team Girl!  Any complaints can be forwarded to my Manager... (oh wait, I don't have one, cause I'm a ROCK STAR)!!!!

Now back to the details...

Prior to your branding session we will meet to discuss your goals and vision.  We will come up with a clear session plan for you to follow, as you prepare your outfits, shot list and content ideas.  These sessions can include things like headshots, product photos, flat-lays, content creation and lots of YOU!  Once you have your plan in place we will schedule your shoot day and get as much goodness in your time frame as we can.

I have created a few different options for you to chose from for personal branding sessions.  You can select a single session or save money by booking bi-monthly or quarterly with a 1-year contract.

Single Sessions

30 minutes

30 digitals


60 minutes

60 digitals




30 min

every other month

one year contract

30 digitals/session

$350 per session


60 min

every 3 months

one year contract

60 digitals/session

$700 per session

You don't have to BE a professional photographer

to have great images in your feed!

Sign up here to set up a

Personal Branding Consultation

with Jen Isackson

YOUR Brand, YOUR Style,  YOUR Way!