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Dad's, this post is for you!

Mother's Day is still a ways out, but I am catching you SUPER early so you can be prepared to give the Mother of your children, a gift she will be THRILLED with.

That gift is professional photographs of her, with you and your children!

A selfie just isn't enough. This Mother's Day experience, she can choose to be pampered with a makeup application by Jackelyn McLean or have a special Video keepsake of her time in the studio. She won't have to worry about what to wear with the wardrobe options available in my client closet.

This laid back, casual (lifestyle) session also is a win for you! Gone is the stress and discomfort of having to stand still and get a portrait of everyone looking at the camera. These lifestyle sessions are so much easier because you simply hang out with your family, in my custom designed studio, while I capture your special moments. There will be hugs and peek a boo, tickles and jumping on the bed.

If this is a FIRST "To-Be" Mother's Day it can be a sweet maternity session, before baby arrives. Whether you are a seasoned father or new to the tribe, I promise, she will be thrilled to receive this gift for 2021.

Here are the details so you know what to expect:

The cost is $499 and includes:

10 Images

Print box & USB

Video Capture OR Makeup Application

20 minute shoot time

Access to Wardrobe Options

*(optional add-on): $100 in-person image selection and order appointment, if you'd like to select the images yourself. Otherwise the final 10 images are chosen by Jen.

This event will occur on May 8th or 15th. The date will be finalized and OPEN FOR BOOKING on March 1st, 2021.

There will only be 8 spots open for this event so plan ahead if you would like to book for your partner. Send me a message via my contact form to get on the wait list for updates and reminders.

You will NOT regret it!

If you are new to my neck of the woods, then you haven't heard about my new studio build and the exciting changes coming for Jen Isackson Photography.

We are just a few months away from moving into a brand new, custom designed studio and home. Along with this move, is a full rebrand of my business. This will mean a new logo, a new website and a new style of newborn and indoor family photography.

I have been wanting for so long to switch to this style but I just didn't have the space in my current studio or the natural light. This is all changing at the end of April 2021 with this new space. Check out the video for a glimpse at the possibilities.

I don't have any images yet of my new style but here is a taste of where my brand is heading. This is my mood board, from my designer, Lauren Toma Creative. *images are pinned from Pinterest as a starting point to create my custom brand* This is the style for the new JIP!

Family photos will be taken in a bedroom scene, instead of on a solid backdrop. They will be more relaxed and comfortable, capturing you and your family enjoying each others company. There is even the option to add video footage to your session with my LUX package. Nothing will be more treasured than the sweet video captured. I hope you will look at it often, for the rest of your life.

This sweet little swing is just one of the many beautiful pieces that will accent the new studio and be used in your sessions.

I already have the extra ceiling supports in place to have this properly anchored and hanging in my boho scene. This swing can be used for newborn up to 40 lbs so definitely can get older babies in there and even toddlers.

There will be a bed layered in blankets of different textures, pillows, pampas grass, rugs and MORE pillows! There will be a chair for snuggles, stunning wood floors and sheer white curtains. I have a moses basket, already in use to add to this comfortable 'at-home' setting.

Now don't fret that I will toss all of my old style. This is not the case. Posed beanbag shots on blankets and in props will still be part of your session, if you'd like. These sessions will be custom to what you want. Outdoor family sessions will remain the same style as last year (golden hour), there is just an indoor option now too. Milestone sessions will still occur and can include family photos at the same time. Cake smashes are still available, though these will be simple, with very minimal decoration. Think natural, whites with greenery or a large balloon by the sheer curtains.

I am also building my client closet with outfits to match my new style. You will be able to select pieces to use for your session. For babies, children and Mom. I have yet to add Dad items at this time but we will work together to make sure the whole family looks great together, prior to your session.

An OPEN HOUSE will be happening in early May 2021. Get on this list for a special 'Invite Only' event.

As soon as I can get in my completed space, new images will be shared and posted on my social media platforms, as well as my website.

If you already know that you NEED a JIP session this year, you can find the booking information here. Complete the form at the bottom of the page to schedule your consultation.

I just CAN'T wait to launch my new brand and serve you better. Thank you for your support and love! It means the world to me.


Important things to know about Me!

1. My bed is my BFF.... it's where all the magic happens ;) and by the 'magic' I mean SLEEPING... just the sleeping people... come on, get your minds out of that gutter LOL.

I need SO much sleep to function. I'm talking at least 10 hours a night. I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened since I got pregnant with my first baby in 2008. So needless to say, I'm tired ALL the time. I will pretty much choose my bed over any sort of activity or event. Don't be offended, it is my BFF after all.

2. In connection to the above mentioned... I am NOT a morning person. Heaven help me, get those kids out the door to school. I'm of the opinion that nothing should open, or start till 10am. If you are a morning person, please keep your chipperness on the DL until 10am (much love ;)

3. People that are REAL, are my people! Please, tell it like it is. Don't cover up your struggles and challenges. The only way we can help each other is if we know what you are struggling with. Be yourself, in all its messy glory. When we share, we can connect. We can understand and have empathy and compassion for others. This is SO important to me. Even if I can't understand what you are going through, I can have empathy and compassion. There is so much cruelty around us. Compassion is more important than opinion.

4. I'm a clean freak, surrounded by slobs (aka my children). After 12 years of trying to fight the mess I have given up. They have 3 months left to reform till we move into the big house and then my tirade will begin (after I purge the house of 70% of our belongings). Kidding..... NOT kidding.

5. I will not ever be a pet owner... no chance, no way, no how! I know this puts me in the probably 5% minority of humans but I just can't even deal with that. It's like having a permanent toddler that never grows up. The mess alone would deter me, but I am also SUPER allergic to all of them. Dogs, cats, horses, rabbits.... anything with fur/hair. Even the 'hypoallergenic' ones. It just isn't for me, but I know SO many of you are on the furbaby train, and I love you for it. Animals have a special place in the world. They do so much good for so many... just not me lol.

*And NO I would never EVER get a snake.... EVER.

If you can relate to any of these quirks of mine, I'd love to chat! Let me know how you found out about Jen Isackson Photography and how long you have been following me.

You can find me on Facebook, IG or Clubhouse @jenisackson. (If you aren't on Clubhouse yet, I can send you an invite, just message me).

Chat soon,


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