About me




It's me!  I'm Jen, the face behind the camera at Jen Isackson Photography.

I have always had a love of photography.  I spent most of my teen years capturing on film, the memories that were important to me.  My passion for portrait photography really started when my first baby was born.  All those nights I held her in my rocking chair I would think, "I wish this moment could last forever," and I realized that it truly can last forever, in the images I capture.  Life goes by in a blur, but 1/200th of a second can be frozen in time.  That moment is filled with emotion, memories and feelings. Those moments are why I do what I do!

Newborn photography is the best example of the whirlwind of life.  There are so many changes in those first few days, weeks and months.  If you blink, you might miss it.  Capturing baby's first year is my absolute favourite!  Take a look through my website to see if my style is something you would like for your little one.  I love meeting new clients, getting to know you and capturing the uniqueness that is your family.  I know that you will treasure your photos forever.

I just celebrated the 7th anniversary of this little business of mine.  It has been such an incredible adventure, filled with exciting growth and changes.  In 2014 I never could have imagined I would be where I am today.

I am a graduate from the New York Institute of Photography as well as a trained Teacher and Early Childhood Educator.  I also mentor other photographers in the art of Newborn Photography.  If you'd like to learn more about mentoring visit the

mentoring page HERE.

I have an in-home studio that is fully licensed and insured.  Currently my husband and I are building our dream home with an attached studio in the Lakeside neighbourhood.  I am beyond excited about it and can't wait to have you in my new space to create even more beautiful art.  Follow me on Instagram or Like me on Facebook to see the progress of our build (links are also on the left of the screen).  I am hoping to be shooting in my new studio by May of 2021.

Send me a message and let's talk about your dream session to see if we can make your dream a reality!



*photo taken by my daughter Hailey Isackson*