Capture images like a Pro

Take amazing photos of your kids, right at home,

with any camera or device you have right now!

This FREE printable guide covers 5 simple ways

you can improve your image captures of your kids.

With this Guide you will learn:

|how to set your SCENE before you start taking pictures​

|what LIGHTING will give you the best results

|which ANGLES are the most flattering for children

|WARDROBE suggestions that complete the whole picture

|how to capture natural interactions and EMOTION in your images

No fancy equipment is required.  You can create magic with just a window and your phone.  Start posting incredible images that everyone will love TODAY!


“I love Jen’s pro tips for parents! I am always taking photos of our little one but not always getting the end results I want (and worked extremely hard for)! As parents it can sometimes seem like a circus trying to get that “one” picture! Just by gaining some knowledge on lighting our pictures have changed already! Thank you so much Jen for sharing these invaluable tips!”

Britt S.


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